1. A history of a Jewish refugee family as told by the documents they left behind.

  2. Message from Omar N. Bradley, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, informing General Douglass MacArthur that President Harry S. Truman has replaced as Supreme Commander Far East Command., 04/11/1951

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  3. A referee in traditional dress watches over a Sumo wrestling match in front of Japanese-Americans interned at Santa Anita, California.

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  4. A secret World War II diary of the British special forces unit, the SAS, has been kept hidden since it was created in 1946. Now it’s being published for the first time to mark the 70th anniversary of the regiment. The BBC has exclusive access to the remarkable piece of history.

    Documents in the diary include the top secret order authorising the first SAS operation and rare photographs of the team which carried it out, naming those who died. It also had highly-confidential briefing instructions to kill Rommel in France. He was injured and sent back to Germany before a team of four SAS men reached him. There was confidential correspondence from Prime Minister Winston Churchill on the future of the regiment and the order assigning it regimental status.

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  5. badasshistory:

    Badass French Resistance member with American officer, 1944.