1. The Digitized Tibetan Archives Project at Bonn University

    The study of Tibetan history is still mainly based on literary and rarely on official sources, due to almost non-exisiting access. Therefore Prof. P. Schwieger initiated a “data pool” at the Seminar for Central Asian Studies, Bonn University, presenting and analysing a representative sample. This study of Tibetan documents follows a well established tradition ot the seminar initiated by Prof. D. Schuh in the 1970ies resulting in a considerable number of publications. New technologies will provide better and ready access in this specific field of research.


    Map said to be kept at rGya-mtsho spyi and showing byams ‘phrin gtsug lag khang and others.


    This is a reprot[sic] presented by two members of the Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputies, after completing their official visit in the Tibetan exile communities in Nepal regions.

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