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    There you go, all the anons who tell people to go and kill themselves. It’s pretty easy to find out your identity.



    I thought this was important to pass along to all of you even though it is not Sailor Moon related. I hope this is helpful information for you all!!!

    oh shhhh———

    I just tested this, and I’m fairly sure it didn’t work. I mean, it’s possible I messed it up, but doubtful, as I was fairly careful.

    I have two tumblr accounts that aren’t connected or linked in any way; they operate on separate emails. Let’s call this account A, and my other account B. Using B, I messaged A anonymously, “testing 123.” Then I logged out of B, and logged into A. I opened the message, and blocked the “anonymous” B.

    Then, I went into settings and clicked on “block users.” There were no blocked accounts listed, unlike what is shown in the example above. (I’ve never blocked anyone before I blocked B, so all I expected to see was URL B.) Experiment fail.

    I decided maybe I hadn’t blocked myself properly, so I tested it. I logged out of account A, and back onto account B and sent another message, “testing again.” I logged out of account B, and back onto account A, but the message never came through. So yes, I blocked myself successfully.

    Now, how to unblock myself, since URL B doesn’t show up on any list of blocked names with a convenient “unblock” button, as shown above? Because my two tumblr accounts never have any interaction, it wasn’t a problem, but it bugged me. So, I specifically, manually typed URL B into the “block users” field provided. It came up, thankfully. I had to use the “unblock” button twice to unblock account B with account A, but I unblocked myself. Manually.

    So yeah, I don’t think this worked, and I very nearly blocked myself permanently testing it out. If anyone can point out what I did wrong, or correct me, please do. I doubt this thing would have so many notes if it was just hokum.

    You’d be surprised at what sort of hokum gets notes. I tried to replicate this too and had the exact same results as you did. Either there are more steps involved (doubt it) the system has changed since this post was made (maybe) or it’s a hoax (most likely).

    Edit: It’s also kind of weird that the revealed culprit is an unused porn account.

    (Source: aguidetodeduction)

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