1. Ultra-high resolution images of several Dead Sea Scrolls are now available on the web, after Google helped digitise the ancient texts.

    Scrolls available for viewing online are:

    • The Temple Scroll: lays out plans for the construction and operation of the Temple. Written on thin animal skin.
    • The War Scroll: one of the first scrolls to be found. The War Scroll outlines an end of days time where the the archangel Michael leads the “Sons of Light” against the “Sons of Darkness”.
    • The Community Rule Scroll: also known as the manual of discipline, the scroll outlines a comprehensive guide for the “community”, whose identity remains uncertain, although is believed to be the Jewish sect the Essenes.
    • The Great Isaiah Scroll: the best preserved of all the biblical scrolls, it contains a Hebrew version of the book of Isaiah.
    • The Commentary of Habakkuk Scroll: interprets the first two chapters of the book of Habakkuk.

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